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Pet Transportation Services FAQ

Pet Transport

Answers to most frequently asked questions about International Pet Transport Relocation.
How can I transport my pet from the UK?

You can contact The Transpawter and tell us where you want to go, and we will tell you everything you need to know to have stress-free journey for your pet. Pet relocation can be a hassle and we deal with this daily, so pet owners don’t have to worry about the transport of their beloved pets.

How do I transport my cat to the UK?

You can transport your cat the same way you would transport other pets to the uk. Make sure you have all the documents needed ready. The Transpawter can help you with transporting your pet, whether that’s cats, dogs, or other small pets. contact us for more information.

How much does it cost to transport a cat?

The transport of a cat is the same as for dogs or other animals. The cages are secured and safe for all small pet sizes and the size or type of pet does not influence the price. contact us for a free quote for the destination you want your cat transported to.

How do I relocate my pet?

Relocating your pet can be really easy for you with the pet transport services of The Transpawter. we’ll inform you exactly what documents you need, and other information that might be needed or useful. For example, if certain parasites are common in the country, you are moving abroad to.

How do you transport a puppy to the UK?

A puppy can travel to the uk after it had all its vaccinations, treatments, and tests, and just like other pets, it needs to be microchipped. The rabies vaccination can only be given to puppies from 12 weeks and older. Of course, we understand a puppy needs extra care and attention and our drivers have no problem giving the little furry friends everything it needs.

Do you only transport dogs?

We can do a variety of small animals including cats and rabbits and we have cages and crates suitable for them all.

Does my pet need any documents to travel?

Yes! You can find all the information in our pet travel checklist. if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Will my dog be exercised en route?

Yes! We make regular stops for toilet breaks and exercise and also for feeding and topping up of water, and loads of cuddles and play.

Will my pet ever be left alone?

The driver will always be with your pet, every step of the way. he has a special area within the van where he sleeps to ensure they do not get left alone. except for a quick toilet stop or a quick shop run, the driver is with your pet at all times.

My pet is anxious. Do you have experience with nervous animals?

Yes! We have lots of experience working with animals that are anxious. we often find that pets who are nervous when they are with their owner are generally a lot calmer when they are with someone else if that person is experienced with handling animals.

Can I travel with my pet?

Yes, you can travel together with your pet. we understand very well why this is a wanted pet transport service. We work together with a ride-a-long transport expert, with a specially fitted van, so you and your pet can travel together. Contact us for more information.

health Certificates

Answers on your frequently asked questions about International Pet Transport and Health Certificates.
How old does my dog need to be to get an animal health certificate?

Pets have to be at least 12 weeks old before they can get any vaccinations. To get a rabies document you will have to wait 21 days after the rabies vaccination.

How long is the animal certificate of health valid?

An animal health certificate will be valid after the date of issue for:
10 days for entry into the eu or Northern Ireland
4 months for onward travel within the EU
4 months for re-entry to Great Britain

How do I complete my animal health certificate?

Contact your vet to complete your animal health certificate. it has to be issued by an official veterinarian (OV). if your vet isn’t an OV, they will probably work together with official veterinarians and can give you the information you need. if your vet doesn’t have an OV they work with, contact us, and we will help you on your way.

What are the main pet parasite risks in Europe?

It really depends on the European countries you are travelling to, and what main pet parasites you have to be aware of. The Transpawter will tell you if you need to be aware of any pet parasites when you book your pet’s travel. Generally, fleas, ticks, intestinal roundworms, taenia and dipylidium tapeworms and mites can be found throughout Europe therefore pet owners should protect their dogs from the risks associated with these parasites.

How much does an animal health certificate cost in the UK?

An animal health certificate costs about 180 (GBP) in the uk. there might be additional costs for vaccinations, microchips, and other treatments. these need to be sorted out before you get your appointment for the animal health certificate. you should check all this at least one month before you want to travel.

Will my current UK-issued pet passport be valid?

If you have a pet passport issued in Great Britain, from England, Wales, or Scotland, then you cannot use this pet passport. First, you will need to check if the country you are going to accepts passports for pets coming from Great Britain. It’s possible you need supporting documents, and if the pet passport is not accepted, you will need an animal health certificate. Each trip requires a new animal health certificate. If the rabies vaccinations are up to date, your pet does not need a new rabies vaccination. Some countries have additional requirements. If you are not sure which requirements the country you are travelling to has, contact us, so we can tell you.

How long is an animal health certificate valid?

An animal health certificate is valid: 10 days for entry into the eu or northern Ireland 4 months for onward travel within the eu 4 months for re-entry to Great Britain your pet will need a new animal health certificate for each trip to and from an eu country or northern Ireland from and to Great Britain. You can put up to 5 pets on one animal health certificate.

Do dogs need a health certificate?

Dogs need either a valid pet passport for the country they are traveling to or an animal health certificate. this will show that your pet is free from disease and had all its vaccinations and treatments. it will also show your dog’s breed and other general information.

Where can I get an animal health certificate UK?

You can get an animal health certificate in the uk from an official veterinarian (OV). You can ask your own vet if they are an OV, and if they aren’t, they can usually arrange an appointment with an OV and make sure your pet is ready for the check.

Why is an AHC so expensive?

According to the British veterinary association, an animal health certificate is more complex and time-consuming than the previous eu-pet passport system. a vet has to factor in the extra resources and time.

Do I need an AHC for each dog?

You don’t need an animal health certificate for each dog or even each pet. you can add up to 5 pets to an AHC. Which makes it considerably cheaper if you have more than 1 pet to transport.

Do cats have to be chipped in Spain?

Yes, under Spanish law every cat, dog or ferret has to be microchipped. if you are moving pets permanently abroad, it also needs to be registered in the animal identification registry or Registro de Animales de Compañía. Once registered, you will be sent an animal health card with your pet’s identification number.

Why is an Animal Health Certificate Required?

With an animal health certificate from an official veterinarian, you can prove your pet is free from disease. it is an official document and can only be issued by an official veterinarian. Ask your vet if they can provide animal health certificates or ask if they know an official veterinarian for an animal health certificate appointment.

Who can authorise animal health certificates in the UK?

The animal health certificate needs to be signed by an official veterinarian (OV). an OV is an authorised person by the government. You can ask your veterinarian if they can issue animal health certificates or if they can arrange an animal health certificate appointment with an OV.

How much does an animal health certificate cost?

An animal health certificate can cost around £180 according to the royal veterinary college. If your pet needs to be microchipped, this will cost around £20. For a rabies vaccination the costs are around £50.

Which countries do I need an animal health certificate for?

If you are travelling from the uk to a country from the European union, you will need an animal health certificate. Your pet will need another animal health certificate for each trip to an eu country or northern Ireland from Great Britain.

How long does it take to process an animal health certificate?

An animal health certificate is issued when everything is in order and your pet is free from disease. When the animal health certificate is issued, you can use this to leave the country with your pet for the next 10 days.

What if I am returning to or entering the UK?

Your pet’s animal health certificate will be valid after the date of issue for up to four months for re-entry to Great Britain.

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